Happy December

Whoa! December already?

Can you believe that? Just one more month to go, and it will be 2020. Wow!

So how was your Thanksgiving? Coming from the culture I did, it always seems weird when someone asks me that. To me, Thanksgiving is not an event or a day to celebrate. It’s an attitude, a way of thinking, a way of life.

Here is the article I wrote for Thanksgiving.

Gratitude in a sentence

And here is a poem I wrote many years ago that I submitted to a major publication on Medium. They Published it today and it was distributed throughout Medium under Poetry.

Every Now and Then

I am Game, Are You? was a just for fun article

and finally, A story from my book.

I am really enjoying writing on Medium and things are looking up.

I’ll “see” you next week, and thanks for the support.


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